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About Us

Haberdasher may not be the most common word these days, and it is usually categorized as a “personal dresser” or “stylist”. However, the exact definition of a haberdasher, is exactly what I, Anthony Rimanelli is; a person that sells men’s clothing and accessories. It is a profession not as common in the United States as it is in Britian, where some large department stores still have haberdashery departments. The history of the word goes back before the thirteenth Century, and in a time of warehouse and basement shopping, it provides something a bit mature and romantic to the task of buying clothing. It is in fact a lost art, along with Tailors and Cobblers but is on the rise again as people try to dress smarter and take a vested interest in their appearance. At Rimanellis, the past is well alive and thriving with both I, Anthony as your haberdasher and my master Tailors, Tony and Tony from Sicily. They both offer what is hard to find these days with everyone down to your local dry cleaners offering alteration services. Both tailors and the original founders of Rimanelli,. in the back working on a pair of pants. Rimanellis provides expert tailoring and alterations for every member of your family.

Grosse Pointe is where I have called home since 1980 and continue to reside and have my business. Being the owner of a small business and taking over a “mom & pop shop” allows me to see the importance of supporting others like myself in his community. Rimanellis, and other small businesses like it, all offer something more that you cannot get at the bigger corporate stores down the street. I know the importance of seeing the same face every time you walk into my store, allowing you to trust in my services as well as form a relationship with you as a client. I see it as my job, not just to sell you a suit or shorten your pants, but to educate you on the suit your buying and the method of the alteration. I take pride in my merchandise as well as my services and want to provide each customer a relaxing a enjoyable experience when they walk through the doors. I find the needs of my customers more important than a return policy or quick sale. Large stores take the intimacy out of clothes shopping, providing only uneducated sales people, strict policies and long lines. Whether it’s the local hardware store, or liquor store, each family run business depends on local support to survive when competition from large chain stores is threatening their existence.

Rimanellis was founded in 1973, with is original store in Detroit, by Antonio Rimanelli. I took over the store in 1997 and have been the sole owner ever since, carrying on the same traditions of my parents with quality merchandise and customer satisfaction being most important. This is true for all small local business, and it is them that you will find the small town charm missing in our hectic lives. When was the last time Macys helped you carry your bag out to your car? Or Home Depot let you borrow a part to see if it would work, just on good faith? I have spent many nights and early mornings at the store to meet with clients and have made several deliveries for customers, when they were unable to make it in during regular business hours, just as my father did when he owned the business. I have taken what I was taught my entire life and invested it into the Rimanellis you know today. I have combined the art of tradition, the style of today and warmth of familiarity to provide my customers with truly unique experience.

I would like to thank all who patron Rimanellis, if it weren’t for you, I would not be here. Have a great Season!

Anthony Rimanelli